One of the great gifts in life is to belong to a caring church family.  In God's wisdom He provides us with the opportunity to belong to one.   It is our hope that United Lutheran Church will provide a welcoming and faith building experience to all who walk through our doors.


Who are we ......

We are the friendly church on the hill!  We welcome all believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to worship and commune with us - no matter what prior or current church affiliation you may have.


We are diverse!  We are blessed with a rich heritage.  We have something for everyone - young, old, or middle age!


We are Lutheran!  We cherish our Lutheran roots and honor God in all our actions.  We are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.



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Drive-in Sunday at 9 AM. in the parking lot at 1374 Commercial Ave. (Scott Kenney CPA office building)

Drive-in Saturday at 4 PM. at parking lot behind Crystal Theatre (corner of Crystal Ave. and Third St.)

Rev. D.J. Rasner phone: 906-231-4905

Church office hours during COVID-19 threat

Monday-Friday: 8:30 - Noon

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