August Newsletter

Mid month July newsletter

Congregation Meeting - August 30 at 9:45 AM

The United/Bethany Call Committee approved to bring Rev. Donald James Rasner forward to the congregations for a vote to be the senior pastor of our congregations.  A congregation meeting is scheduled for August 30, 2020 immediately following the 9:00 AM worship service at 9:45 AM to vote on this recommendation. You must be present to vote.  Face masks and social distancing are required in our church building. We encourage all  congregation members to attend the meeting and the Church Council and Call Committee will do their best to provide a safe environment during this pandemic. If you did not receive a meeting information package, you may request one by calling the church office at 875-6591.

Worship Services

Indoor worship has resumed on Sunday at 9:00 AM. - face masks and 6 ft. social distancing are required.

The outdoor drive-in worship service continues on Saturday at 4:00 PM in the parking lot behind Crystal Theatre (corner of Crystal Ave. and Third St.

Memories of Mine

A tribute to our area's mining history is going to be built near United's parking lot retaining wall.  As many of you know, the boulders in the retaining wall are from the Old Bristol Mine area.  Therefore we are offering the opportunity for folks to make a donation to have a plaque attached to one of the boulders in memory of loved ones who once worked or were affected by the mining industry.  We are asking for donations of $100 - $400, depending on the size of the boulder you would like.  Print the following form and mail it  along with a check made out to United Lutheran Church:  Memories of Mine form

Disaster Relief


We are a church that rolls up its sleeves.  Lutheran Disaster Response is there helping those in need. 

What you can do:

1. Pray for the communities as they work to recover.

2. Give. Know that 100 percent of your donation will be used to help families affected by this disaster.  Click on the following link if you would like more info or would like to contribute.

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